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Jewelry Rhodium

paket wisata lombok Team Author: Pearls Lombok, Lombok Tour Packages, Open Trip Lombok Rhodium is a chemical element in the periodic table that has the symbol Rh and atomic number 45. Symbols: Rh Electron configuration: Kr 4d8 5s1 Atomic number: 45 Melting point: 1963 ° C Year found: 1803 Inventor: William Hyde Wollaston Atomic mass: 102.9055 ± 0.00002 u Is it Rhodium plating? tour lombok Rhodium plating is a common procedure used by jewelers to improve scratch resistance surface while providing a brilliant reflective appearance. But why the rhodium? Under what circumstances this procedure is used, and what consumers should know about the costs, the average age of treatment, and rhodium itself? Read on and find everything you never knew you wanted to know about rhodium plating. Features Rhodium, atomic number 45 on the periodic table, is a rare metal that is silvery-white. Rhodium is 10 times more expensive than gold, which raises the question why the rhodium plating is used only for not as the base metal for jewelry. The answer lies in another prominent characteristic of the element - the fact that it is very fragile. Purpose - paket wisata lombok The most common purpose of rhodium plating is to improve a piece of jewelry "white" gold to improve the coloring and provide an extra layer of protection against damage. Reason rhodium is often paired with simple white gold: white gold does not exist in reality. White gold is nothing more than the gold is mixed with other metals which have a white cast (usually silver, palladium or nickel). This produces a slight yellow color to the final product. As white gold buyer is looking for a bright sheen, rhodium is used as a coating material to add that extra shine. Benefit However, apart from its coveted reflectiveness, rhodium has protective properties that make it functionally useful as metal plating. Rhodium will never discolor or tarnish. In addition, the metal is harder than gold, which means more scratch-resistant and better able to withstand the rigors of everyday wear. Rhodium is also sometimes used on silver (especially for its scratch resistant properties) and platinum (to increase shine). Weakness / Warning - paket tour lombok One drawback of the rhodium plating is that it will not last forever. The metal will eventually wear away and require replating. The lifespan for rhodium plating varies, but is dependent on a number of factors, including the ultimate use of the section (often used to increase wear, as will contact with elements or contact with the skin), and the thickness of the original coating. It is a good idea to consider spending the extra to get a thick coating on the pieces used every day. Conclusion - mutiara lombok Before buying silver, platinum or white gold jewelry, ask if he has a rhodium coating to enable an accurate estimate of the cost of ownership, taking into consideration the need for replating. While it may be a surprise to learn color and shine that coveted piece of white gold jewelry is actually worth rhodium, better to understand the fact that now instead of learning it for the first time in a jewelry store, where knowledge will undoubtedly be accompanied by a bill for replating. harga mutiara

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