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Ring Gold or Silver

In some of history mentioned hadith that the Prophet wearing a ring. At first the Prophet wearing a ring made of gold before the ban on the wearing of gold for the men. Among some of the history that is what was mentioned by Imam Malik in his book 'al-Muwatta', from Abdullah ibn Umar that the Prophet never wore a ring of gold then the Prophet throw it and he said, "I'm not going to wear it forever." Then the man who watched at that moment was to throw their rings. In the hadith narrated from Anas bin Malik said that the Messenger of Allah rings made of silver and stones (cinicin) it is Habasyi stone. "(HR. Muslim) The shape of the ring of the Prophet as mentioned Ibnul Qoyyim that on his return he saw from Hudaybiyah then he saw wrote to the king on earth brought by the courier. When he was about to write a letter to the king of the Holy Roman then said to him, "Surely they will not read a letter unless bore (stamp)." Then he saw made cincinya made of silver contained thereon carving consists of three lines. Muhammad on one line, the Apostle on one line, and God in one line. He also stamped letters sent to the kings with him, and sent six people in one day in the month of Ramadan the year 7 H. (Zaadul Ma'ad, I juz it 119-120). Within a hadith narrated from Muhammad ibn Ishaq said, "I watched shalt ash bin Abdullah bin Nawfal bin Abdul Mutthallib wear a ring on the little finger of the right." So I said, "What is this? 'He replied,' I never saw Ibn Abbas wearing ring like this and make the section of the outer ring of stone. 'He said,' It is not Ibnu Abas believe it unless he mentions that the Prophet wearing a ring like that. "(HR. Abu Daud) Al Mundziri said, "This hadith issued at Tirmidhi." And he also said, "It has been said that Muhammad ibn Ismail al-Bukhari that the hadith of Muhammad bin Ishaq ash bin Abdullah bin Nawfal shalt this is a hasan hadeeth." Imam Muslim in his Saheeh from the hadeeth Thabit of Anas bin Malik said, "The Ring of the Prophet imposed here, he hinted to his left little finger." And An Nasai also issued a hadith like this. Adh Dhaya'i also issued hadith Qatada from Anas said, "That I see the white ring on his left finger Prophet." And the people in the sanad of this hadith can be used as arguments in keshahihanya. At Tirmidhi also issued hadith Abi Ja'far Muhammad from his father saying, "Hassan and Hussein wearing a ring on her left hand." And he says that this hadith authentic. (Aunul Ma'bud, it juz XI 210) From some of the above hadith history is obvious that there is a history which states that the Prophet wearing a ring on the little finger of his right, but there is also a history that says on his left little finger. The scholars differed in combining different hadiths are. There are among those who equate those two things, it means it can be worn on the ring finger right or left. But there are also those who say that at first the Prophet wearing a ring on his right hand, but then he saw move it to the left hand. As for the opinion of Imam Nawawi in Sharh Muslim states that ijma 'jurists allow the imposition of a ring on his right hand and left hand as well as allow it on the two are not dimakruhkan. They disagree about the most important because many of the scholars of the Salaf wear a ring on his right hand and many others on the left hand. Malik advocated to be worn on the left hand and right hand memakruhkan imposition. While in our schools (Shafi'i) that is the main right hand because he is an ornament while the right hand is more noble and more entitled to jewelry and glory. (Saheeh Muslim bi Syarhin Nawawi juz XIV case 102) At first the Prophet wearing a ring made of gold but after the imposition of the prohibition of gold for men throw it away and then he was no longer wearing a ring made of gold forever. As narrated from Abdullah that the Prophet never made a ring of gold and the ring is made of stone inside the palm of his hand. When he saw the man wearing it (at the time) made the (ring). Then he saw sitting onstage and let go as he said, "I am wearing this ring and make the stones inside the ring." Then he saw threw it and said, "By Allah I will not wear it forever." Then the man who witnessed the moment even throw their rings. "(HR. Muslim) Imam Bukhari hadith narrated from Anas bin Malik that the Prophet wearing a ring made of silver and carved ditasnya (writing) the Prophet Muhammad. And he saw says, 'I have carved thereon Prophet Muhammad, then let one of the carve (like carving Prophet Muhammad). Imam Nawawi said that the Muslims have agreed allowed to wear a ring of silver for the men, but some Ulama Sham was once memakruhkan imposition apart by people who have power, they mention an atsar atsar which is a bit strange and rejected. Al Khottobi said that makruh silver rings worn by women because it is a symbol of men. He said, "If a woman does not get a ring of gold then celuplah with yellow from turmeric or who like it." And his opinion was weak or no vanity has no foundation. The truth is not makruh for a woman wearing a ring of silver. (Saheeh Muslim bi Syarhin Nawawi juz XIV case 94).

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